We provide the perfect technology service for you.

Internet Service Provider (ISP )

We offer best Internet with lightening speed of 4.5G with different packages ranging from individual to multi-users.

Network Installation

Were are the best network Installation and netwoking devices distributors in town.

Maintanance & Services

We offer Computer hardware maintainance and supply computers, photocopy machines, printers and other hardwares at the best price.

Apple Devices repair & Services

We install and repair Mac books, iMac OSx and provide detailed information of any Apple related devices including Apple TV's.

Software & Accounting Packages

We offer a range of software Installation services.We also provides different accounting package such as Tally E.r.p Accounting package, IBM SPSS, Quick books and many other.


We are a marketing and advertising company based on Web designing and company branding.


We offer training and advice of the best use of I.T products.

Printing & Design

We offer wide range of designs by designing the best artwork of your choice and Printing as per your prefence, be it:

T-shirt, diaries, Note books,banners, your name it, we deliver


We are improving our services to serve you better.

Address: Iringa, Tanzania

Phone: +255 659206740/685701868

Email: It@dorcorp.org

Open hours: Mon - Sun: 8 AM to 11 PM

Weekends: Sat: 8 AM to 4 PM

For Technical [IT]

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